About Us

Bandanna Promotions, along with its parent company, has a long and proud history in both the retail and promotional products industry.

Founded in 1947, we started out as a supplier to retail stores. We quickly became a leading manufacturer of men’s handkerchiefs under the Hav-A-Hank™ national brand.

We were one of many successful textile manufacturers in the United States. In 1987 we entered the promotional products industry, adding custom printed bandannas, aprons, Hav-A-Danna™ Head Wraps (skull caps) and pet triangles to our product line. Known for many years as Caro-Line, we changed our line name in 2006 to Bandanna Promotions.

Today, we are the largest bandanna company in the U.S., offering a mix of domestic and import items. With the loss of the U.S-based textile market to overseas locations, Bandanna Promotions remains one of the few textile companies with production facilities in the U.S. This provides us with a great advantage over those companies that only import. We can print, cut, sew and deliver your order faster than just about any other supplier. Our record: 74,000 bandannas for an NFL team printed, cut, sewn and shipped in three working days.

As the country’s largest bandanna manufacturer, we constantly are introducing new ways to use bandannas along with innovative and attractive designs. For example, the following are all available through Bandanna Promotions :

  • MapWear™, the ability to print maps on bandannas for events, theme parks, conventions and public gatherings.
  • INFO-danna, using a bandanna, with its massive imprint area, to teach, educate and inform people by printing helpful information on it. Our First Aid and Breast Cancer Awareness INFO-dannas are just two examples.
  • Schedule-dannas, a great sports item. We custom print your team’s season schedule on a bandanna done in team colors. This gives your fans something to wear to the game, wave at the game and keep after the game so they always have the team’s schedule.

Bandanna Promotions parent company celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2007, a testament to the dedication of our employees and the staying power of the bandanna. Every day our 70-plus employees are ready to meet your bandanna needs. How can we help you?

How we sell.

Bandanna Promotions does not sell directly to companies, corporations or the public. We sell through promotional product distributors, people who are professionals and know and understand the advertising and promotional markets. Any promotional products distributor can provide our product. A distributor can find us by using our ASI number, 44020; our SAGE number, 55185; or by our UPIC identifier – Bandanna.

To find a distributor near you, please check the yellow pages under Advertising – Promotional Products and Services.